Man who killed mother found fit to stand trial

Man charged with stabbin

Police on Wednesday indicted a Ra'anana man on suspicion of brutally murdering his mother. According to the indictment, Yovav Elguati, 26, stabbed his mother, Ariana Margolis, 66 times before heading for his older brother's house and attempting to murder him as well. Elguati's brother was seriously wounded in the attack two weeks ago. The suspect was arrested outside his brother's home. He was covered in blood, police said, and was described by officers as being "very calm." On Sunday, the Tel Aviv District Court extended Elguati's remand by four days. During the remand extension hearing, Elguati admitted to stabbing his mother and older brother Yanir because his family was "out to get him." At the time, he also said that his family had hired a personal coach to help him find his place in society. Although an evaluation showed he was not responsible for his actions, Elguati was found mentally fit to stand trial and was released on Wednesday from the psychiatric hospital where he had been held for two weeks. Elguati's father, who was separated from the murdered mother, had been imploring police in recent days to release his troubled son from the institution. Yaakov Lappin contributed to this report.