Maoz: I'm fed up with only Ashkenazim on banknotes

"I'm fed up with seeing only Ashkenazim on my money. Ashkenazim on banknotes, Ashkenazim in the Supreme Court - enough already!" said Excellence Nessuah chief economist Shlomo Maoz on Channel 10's "Economic evening" program Monday.
The program was again discussing the new series of banknotes that will be issued in 2012 and the personalities that will appear on them. The issue has already resulted in a contretemps between Governor of the Bank of Israel Prof. Stanley Fischer and Minister of Finance Yuval Steinitz.
Maoz said that there is no shortage of leaders, personalities, or other important people worthy of commemoration on banknotes. "There's Rambam (Maimonides), Sir Moses Montefiore, Abarbanel, Spinoza, and others. There's no need for only Ashkenazim. Maybe we should put women on our banknotes, or the hero firefighters who died in the Carmel fire. They are no less worthy than the Poetess Rachel. Enough already! I call on the decision-makers to sort this out and put an end to it."
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