Matisyahu talks peace with Peres in Jaffa

American Jewish musician Matisyahu visited the Peres Center for Peace yesterday morning where he met with former president Shimon Peres as well as youth participants of the Peres Center’s Young Ambassadors for Peace program.
Peres congratulated Matisyahu on coming to Israel: “Thank you for not surrendering during a boycott and for supporting Israel, even in tense times. In your music, you represent peace and in your efforts you represent courage. We’re with you and behind you wherever you go.”
Matisyahu replied: “I was warned that it was dangerous here, but it is important for me to come to Israel, no matter what happens, as a Jew and as an American. My music stays out of boycotts, which create barriers. I call on all Jews to come to Israel and to support the joint effort toward peace.”
Matisyahu will be performing this Saturday night at Sultan’s Pool in Jerusalem.