Meretz launches campaign: The only Zionist left-wing party

Meretz Party Chairwoman Zehava Gal-On set the tone for the upcoming general elections at the left-wing party’s campaign launch in Tel Aviv on Sunday, framing the party as the only legitimate left-wing Zionist party. She also presented her party as the only clear anti- [Prime Minister Binyamin] Netanyahu choice in a field clogged with centrist parties that will jump to join a coalition with the prime minister.
“The fate of the left-wing now lies on the shoulders of Meretz,” Gal-On said and accused the Labor party of taking a rightward turn, and the Tzipi Livni Party of “fleeing from the left-wing.”
She also accused the center bloc parties of “not having a philosophy, a world-view or a plan. At the end of the day, a vote for the center bloc is a vote for nothing or simply a vote for Netanyahu.”
She also said that the left-wing represents clear standings on social issues, equality, democracy, human rights, and environmentalism, and that the center bloc does not represent a clear set of policies or divergence from the right on those issues.
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