Mexican president open to change in drug strategy

MEXICO CITY — President Felipe Calderon said Tuesday he is willing to change Mexico's drug-war strategy and promised a new offensive against money laundering after hearing blistering criticism from opposition leaders.
Calderon's drug-war talks, the latest session with leaders of most of the country's opposition political parties, come as the government offensive against drug cartels is drawing more criticism. More than 28,000 people have died in drug-related violence since Calderon launched the offensive in late 2006, sending thousands of troops to drug hot spots.
"I know that the strategy has been questioned, and my administration is more than willing to revise, strengthen or change it if needed," Calderon said at the meeting. "What I ask, simply, is for clear ideas and precise proposals on how to improve this strategy."
The series of meetings started last week with Calderon calling together academics, experts and civic groups to exchange ideas on combating drugs.