MK Ofer Shelah publishes proposed outline for Yesh Atid primaries

MK Ofer Shelah published on Saturday evening his suggested outline for the Yesh Atid primaries, after announcing his intention to run for chairman of the party and replace Yair Lapid, the party's current chairman.
"Ever since announcing my intention of holding primaries for the Yesh Atid party, I've encountered both enthusiasm and embarrassment. That's what happens when it's time to transition a big party to the next, necessary level of its political life," Shelach said.
Shelah's proposed outline for holding the Yesh Atid primaries includes the following:
  • Elections for chairman of the party will take place between December 1-15, 2020.
  • An electoral commission will be established and headed by a retired judge.
  • Any person may offer his or her candidacy, excluding members of other political parties.
  • Any person may vote, as long as they were not a registered member of a different political party in the past six months.