National Labor Court orders teachers to go on class trips

The National Labor Courts ruled Sunday evening in favor of the Education Ministry and ordered the Secondary School Teachers Association to end its strike and fulfill its obligation to chaperone school trips.
The decision stated that the actions of the Teachers Association was disproportionate and continuing the strike would lead to social and pedagogical harms to the students. This ruling is a temporary ruling in place until the final hearing set for the 11th of this month.
The initial strike began in January, in an effort to pressure the Education Ministry to meet the Teachers Association's demand that teachers not be liable for any criminal charges regarding the students' safety and well-being on school trips.
"This decision by the labor court is important and significant," said Koby Stainberg, chairman of the National Parents Association, party to the lawsuit brought against the Teachers Association. "We have worked and are working hard to allow students to fulfill their legitimate right to go on their yearly class trips that constitute an important element of education.
The Education Ministry and the National Parents Association were joined in the lawsuit by the Union of Local Authorities, the Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Haifa municipalities, and the ORT school system.