NGO: One person killed every day on roads

On average over the past year, traffic accidents have led to one fatality and 64 injuries daily, the road safety organization Or Yarok revealed on Monday.
With 298 Israelis dying in road accidents since the beginning of the year – in comparison to 261 over the same period last year – the number of fatalities has increased by 14 percent since last year. The 64 traffic-related injuries that on average occur daily amount to about three people hurt every hour.
Or Yarok released the data on the occasion of National Road Safety Day, which occurs on Tuesday.
“How many more people need to die until someone in the Transportation Ministry wakes up and realizes that human life takes precedence over everything?” asked Or Yarok CEO Shmuel Aboav. “The reduction in funds that the Transportation Ministry allocates to road safety is the cause of the rise in number of fatalities for the third year in a row.
“Therefore, we must strengthen police enforcement, take care of dangerous roads and intersections and provide education on road safety to all children, from kindergarten through the receipt of a driver’s license.”