Only 3.2% of Israelis have been voluntarily vaccinated against H1N1

Only 3.2% of Israelis go

So far, only 3.2 percent of the Israeli population - or 225,000 individuals - have been voluntarily vaccinated against H1N1 virus, even though the health funds have for the last week been offering the free shots to the whole population. The ministry issued this in its weekly report on Sunday. The pace of deaths that may have been caused by the virus has slowed, with the 74th since March announced a week ago. Nearly NIS 1 billion worth of H1N1 vaccine (effective probably only for only a year) and Tamiflu drugs (not proven effective in ameliorating complications of the flu) were purchased by Prime Minister (and nominal health minister) Binyamin Netanyahu several months ago, enough to cover all 7.3 million residents of Israel over the age of six months.