Pakistan urged to share border-post map

The head of the US Central Command is urging Pakistan to share a map of its facilities and installations near the Afghan border to help avert episodes like the one that killed 24 Pakistani forces last month.
US Marine Corps General James Mattis, the commander, said in a statement on Monday that the strike's chief lesson was that "we must improve border coordination and this requires a foundational level of trust on both sides of the border."
Separately, the US Central Intelligence Agency has held off for about six weeks on drone missile strikes in Pakistan against low-ranking militants suspected of mounting cross-border raids.
The undeclared suspension, first reported by the Los Angeles Times, reflects a mix of factors, apparently including a lack of immediate high-value targets.
The strikes themselves are covert actions that the CIA does not acknowledge publicly. The New York Times said they had been on hold since Nov. 16, calling this the longest pause since 2008.
Mattis told the allied commander in Afghanistan, General John Allen, to take steps to prevent "friendly fire" incidents and share them with Pakistan's military "if possible," an apparent reference to continuing strains.