Palestinian sentenced to 12 years for robbing elderly nun

The Haifa District Court on Tuesday sentenced Jihad Shehada to twelve year in prison for robbing an 82 year-old elderly nun.
Shehada, 23, and a resident of the West Bank, will serve an actual sentence of ten years, with the remaining years being part of a suspended sentence should he commit a similar crime in the next three years. He also was fined NIS 25,000 by the court.
Shehada and some others were indicted in February 2012 for robbery under aggravated circumstances, conspiracy to commit a crime, attacking an elderly person and illegal entry to Israel.
He and his accomplices attacked the elderly nun on November 19, 2011 when she left her Haifa apartment to throw out her garbage.
During the attack and the robbery, they tied the woman's hands, gagged her, threw her on the ground and beat her to make sure she would not resist.