PM’s Office gears up for battle in US against Iran accord

Despite US Secretary of State John Kerry’s warning Friday that Israel would be more isolated than ever if Congress were to reject the Iran deal, the Prime Minister’s Office on Sunday drew up a document with answers to half a dozen questions to be circulated among those in the US arguing against the July 14 agreement.
To the question of whether this deal makes it less likely that Iran will get a nuclear weapon, the talking points say the opposite is true and that the deal provides Iran with two paths to the bomb.
Either the Iranians will violate the deal, as they have done in the past, and develop a bomb by cheating on the accord, or they will abide by the accord and then, in about a decade, when the central restrictions on its program are automatically removed, will be able to “carry out unlimited enrichment of uranium with full international legitimacy,” the document says.
“Iran’s breakout time at that point will be close to zero, as the US president himself has said,” it goes on.
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