PM's taps Dore Gold as 'outside' foreign policy consultant

Former ambassador to the UN Dore Gold will on January 1 take up the job as an "outside" foreign policy consultant to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister's Office announced Thursday.
Gold, the head of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, is expected to take up some of the duties previously performed by Ron Dermer before he was named ambassador to Washington earlier this year.
 He will not have to leave his position at the Jerusalem think tank, but will rather work for Netanyahu from outside the PMO, and draw an hourly salary.  Netanyahu has been without a foreign policy advisor since Dermer left his position in March.
The Government Procurement Administration website said that Gold will serve as a consultant on Israel-US relations, and will earn up to NIS 200,000 annually.
Gold is considered one of Netanyahu's foreign policy confidants,. He served Netanyahu as a foreign policy advisor from 1996-1997 during his first term in office, before Netanyahu appointed him ambassador to the UN, where he served until 1999.  In recent years he has been very active in lobbying on behalf of "defensible borders" for Israel.