Police: IPS officer raped co-worker inside prison walls

Police on Tuesday arrested an officer in the Israel Prison Service (IPS) suspected of raping a female IPS worker inside the walls of a detention facility.
The suspect holds the rank of major in the IPS, and the incident was reportedly a one-time, violent sexual assault that took place last year. The woman never complained to police, but word of the incident made its way to the Lahav 433 investigative unit, which launched an undercover investigation into the allegations.
On Wednesday the officer was taken to a remand extension at the Rishon Letzion Magistrate’s Court, where the court extended his remand until Sunday. The court has also extended the gag order on the case, which bans publication of the man’s name, or the name of the detention facility where the incident reportedly occurred.
The officer has denied all of the allegations against him.