Police question surviving Oshrenko relative about murders

Police question survivin

"Where is Yana?" asked relatives and neighbors on Monday, after police revealed that Eduard Oshrenko's daughter was being questioned concerning her relatives' gruesome murder, the circumstances of which are yet unclear. Eduard and Ludmilla Oshrenko were stabbed to death in their Rishon Lezion home along with son Dimitry, 32, his wife Tatiana, 28, and their children, three-year-old Rochelle and three-month-old Netanel. Many expressed concern for Yana Oshrenko's safety. "Don't you realize that she is also in danger?" they asked, fearing the worst despite police assessments that the killer may have left the country. Also on Monday, a neighbor of the Oshrenkos stated that she had heard shouts emanating from an apartment in the building on the morning of the attack, but thought them to be nothing more sinister than an argument.