Police to permit Feiglin, followers to enter Temple Mount

The Israel Police will permit Jews to ascend to the Temple Mount for the first time in four days Monday morning, giving permission to Likud MK Moshe Feiglin and a large group of his supporters, Border Police Chief Superintendent Avi Biton told Feiglin's aides Sunday.
Feiglin intends to hold a mass prayer service at the Western Wall and then ascend the Mount with his followers, who will purify themselves before going to the Wall. He complained Sunday that police did not allow Jews to ascend following Sunday's Birkat Kohanim service at the Wall.
"What's most angering is that police said they closed the Mount due to Jews praying at the Western Wall," Feiglin said. "We have been warning them for days that the most extreme Arabs from Hamas and even people with Islamic State flags have been getting their rocks ready. Instead of taking care of the situation before the Jews came, cleaning out the Mount and doing something about it, they gave up on Israeli sovereignty in the holiest place of the Jews."