President Rivlin expresses disgust and shock following Duma terror attack

President Rivlin addressed the terror attack in Duma early this morning.
"We awoke this morning to a sad day. The murder of Ali Dawabsha, a baby sleeing in his bed, and the severe damage to his family members; his mother, father and brothers, wounded the hearts of all of us.
But more than feeling ashamed, i feel pain. Pain for the murder of this small child. Pain that my people have chosen the path of terror and lost their humanity on the way. This way is not my way. This way is not the way of the State of Israel, nor the way of the Jewish people.
Unfortunately, until now it seems that we have addressed the phenomenon of Jewish terrorism too loosely. Maybe we have not recognized strongly enough  that we face an ideological group, one that is both dangerous and determined to destroy the bridges we have worked so hard to build.
I strongly believe that we need to understand that we face a real danger and we must attack it from the source.
In these moments of pain, i turn to the citizens of Israel, Israeli Arabs, to the Palestinian people, to all law abiding citizens, and I urge you to please not give in to these feelings of anger and fury. It is the time to join hands, and leave the the law and justice system to find the killers. Let the law carry out its duty, and be wary of being drawn into harmful and unnecessary acts. To take the law into your own hands and surrendering to violence is letting the killers win. We must continue to build our bridges of co-existence and living together. We must not let terrorism win."
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