Religious groups: Anti-Israel agitation must be fought

The Bnei Brit organization along with The Ecumenical Theological Research Fraternity in Israel kicked off a joint conference on Monday night focused on countering anti-Israel sentiment within the large Protestant churches around the world. According to Alan Schneider, director of the Bnai Brith World Center in Jerusalem, protestant churches have over the past two decades become increasingly aligned against Israel.
This trend was forcefully underlined in October when 15 senior leaders of mainline Protestant churches in America sent a letter to Congress last month calling for an investigation and possible suspension of US military aid to Israel.
The letter led several Jewish organizations to pull out of an annual Christian-Jewish dialogue conference. “This letter broke the trust of Jewish organizations involved in interfaith dialogue,” Schneider said. “The purpose of this current consultation is to provide the opportunity for representatives of protestant churches who are supportive of Israel to meet similar people from other countries and denominations.