Report: German police check claims of Demjanjuk road killing in 1947

Report German police ch

Evidence that John Demjanjuk, 89, may have deliberately run over and killed a person while driving a truck in Germany is being studied by police, a prosecutor said Monday in a DPA report. Ukraine-born Demjanjuk is currently on trial in Munich over allegations that he helped kill 27,900 Jews at Sobibor Nazi death camp in 1943. He moved from Germany to the United States in 1952. The incident allegedly happened in 1947 near the southern German city of Ulm. Michael Bischofberger, a spokesman for the prosecutions office in Ulm, confirmed that a formal murder inquiry was under way and said, "He is alleged to have deliberately run someone over," the DPA report stated. Bischofberger said the road-death inquiry had been prompted by the findings of research by private individuals.