Russia bars airlines from flying over Syria after incident

MOSCOW - Russia has banned its airlines from flying over Syria, the aviation agency said on Tuesday, after a plane with 160 passengers detoured to avoid danger from fighting on the ground.
Syria's spreading civil war has largely halted airline traffic to and from the country.
The Rosaviatsiya agency said most Russian airlines had heeded a recommendation issued in February not to cross Syrian territory but some had ignored the risk and continued to do so on flights to and from Egypt, among other destinations.
On Monday, a Russian charter plane operated by NORDWIND AIRLINES flying over Syria from the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh to Kazan in Russia changed its flight path to get clear of a combat zone. No injuries were reported.
The incident raised anxiety in Russia, the most prominent international protector of Syrian President Bashar Assad in his war with rebel forces, after some media reported that the airliner had come under fire in Syrian air space. A Russian tourism official said there was no shooting whatsoever.