Sheetrit invites world scientists to speak out for Israel

Knesset Science and Technology Committee chairman MK Meir Sheetrit called on the world’s scientists who admire Israel to serve as its information "ambassadors" around the globe. He was speaking at a session of his committee convened to mark National Science Day - the anniversary of the birthday of the late great physicist, Albert Einstein.
The event, held on Tuesday (although Einstein’s birthday was on March 14, which fell on Sunday), was attended by Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin, Israel Science Academy president Prof. Menahem Ya’ari and the presidents of 17 national science academies from around the world, including those of the US, Germay, India, Japan, China, Poland, France and Sweden.
Israel’s 2009 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, Prof. Ada Yonath, was also present and delivered the guest lecture. Rivlin described to the foreign scientists what problems the country faces and its investment in scientific research.
Yonath described her pathfinding work on ribosomes - components of all living cells that make proteins from amino acids.
Chinese academy president Prof. Agency executive, Lu Yongxiang stressed the importance of global cooperation in science. "We - both scientists and politicians - have to work together to set up partnerships an find solutions to problems that we face in all fields," he said.