State says will grant refugee status to Nuba Sudanese like Darfurians

The state has told the High Court of Justice that it will likely grant refugee status to Sudanese from the Nuba area as it plans to for around 300 Darfurians.
The state announced the likely policy change in a legal brief it filed with the High Court late on Thursday, but which was not distributed to the media.
According to the brief, the state has been close to making a shift toward recognizing around 300 hundred Darfurian refugees’ status since November, but as early as mid-March had asked the court for an extension on the issue.
The brief was responding to a petition filed by Carmel Pomerantz who told The Jerusalem Post that the state’s notice of a likely change in policy had taken her by surprise.
In the brief, the state also says that a critical meeting was held in mid-March to address the issue, but it is still unclear whether the expected change in policy will be a matter of weeks or months.
Unlike most of the mid-30,000 migrants in Israel which the state is trying to deport or press to leave, the change would mean the state views the Nuba Sudanese to have the same special persecuted status as the Darfurians in terms of having fled genocide.
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