Supreme Court upholds ruling stopping Katsav's lawyers from quitting

The Supreme Court on Thursday upheld a Tel Aviv District Court ruling forbidding former president Moshe Katsav's lawyers from resigning. "From now on, all involved parties, including defense teams, will know that they must plan ahead on the assumption that cases will have a continuous flow until their conclusions," Supreme Court justices Asher Gronis, Esther Hayut and Yoram Denzinger stated in their ruling. The lawyers, Zion Amir, Avigdor Feldman and Avraham Lavie, submitted their resignations at the start of June, saying that they could not accept the court's demand to hold hearings four days a week, beginning September 1. They also accused the judges presiding over his trial of thinking they were in an "arm-wrestling match" with the defense, and charged that the court had spoken insultingly to them and that it had been unwilling even to hear their arguments on this issue.