Syrian gov't praises China, Russia as 'non-colonizers'

BEIJING - A Syrian government envoy praised China and Russia on their stance towards the bloody conflict engulfing her country in an interview published on Thursday during a visit to Beijing that she said would give officials a "real picture" of the crisis.
Envoy Bouthaina Shaaban's interview with the state-run China Daily was the first public comment from her trip to Beijing, where she arrived on Tuesday, and she sought to cast China as a steadfast friend of President Bashar Assad's government, beset by a civil war with opposition forces.
"We're happy to see countries like China and Russia, who are not colonisers or deal with people as colonizers," Shaaban told the English-language newspaper, adding that this is "a very different stance from the West".
She said her visit would give "the Chinese leadership a real picture of what's going on in Syria".