Trump supporters confront counter-protests in Portland, Oregon

PORTLAND, Ore. - Riot police turned out in force in downtown Portland on Sunday to maintain order as supporters and opponents of President Donald Trump faced off in dueling political rallies, a week after racially charged killings that shook Oregon's largest city.
The Trump Free Speech Rally drew hundreds of demonstrators to a public square near City Hall, where a far larger throng of counter-protesters and onlookers massed on three sides of the park in a heated encounter that grew tense at times but remained mainly peaceful.
Dozens of black-clad, masked anti-Trump protesters waved an "Antifascist Action" flag at pro-Trump activists across the street at one point, yelling: "Nazis, go home," while members of the opposing rally, some carrying American flags, chanted: "USA, USA."
A phalanx of helmeted police officers took up positions between the two sides to keep them apart and break up occasional physical confrontations and detain protesters seen trying to cross police lines to agitate the other side.
Police reported at least four arrests, and displayed photos on Twitter of various makeshift weapons seized from demonstrators, including a hunting knife, brass knuckles, clubs, roadside flares, a slingshot and several homemade shields.