Turkey reiterates terms for ending Israeli rift

KIEV - Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday anyone wishing to mediate an end to a two-year rift between Turkey and Israel should not waste their time unless they could guarantee all of Ankara's demands would be met.
Turkish and Israeli media have said the United States is trying to mediate an end to the dispute but Israeli and Turkish officials have not commented on the reports.
Relations between the Muslim NATO power and the Jewish state fell apart in May 2010 after Israeli commandos raided a Turkish aid ship to enforce a naval blockade of the Gaza Strip and killed nine Turks in clashes with activists on board.
Relations between the two countries, both vital allies of Washington in an unstable region, have been deadlocked since.
Turkey says for ties to be normalized Israel must apologize, pay compensation to the families of the dead and lift the Gaza blockade. Israel, which denies wrongdoing, has offered statements of regret, rather than contrition.