UK warns Libya over Lockerbie bomber anniversary

EDINBURGH, Scotland – Britain's government says it has warned Libya that any celebration of Friday's anniversary of the release from jail of the Lockerbie bomber would be deeply offensive to the families of the mainly US victims of the attack.
In a statement urging Libya to show restraint, Britain's Foreign Office on Friday described the bombing, which killed 259 people onboard — mostly Americans — and 11 on the ground, as the "worst act of terrorism in British history."
Friday marks the first full year of al-Megrahi's freedom. Many families are outraged at the hero's welcome he received as he returned to Libya, and his continued longevity.
"Particularly on this anniversary, we understand the continuing anguish that al-Megrahi's release has caused his victims both in the UK and the US. He was convicted for the worst act of terrorism in British history," the Foreign Office said.
"Any celebration of al-Megrahi's release would be tasteless, offensive and deeply insensitive to the victims' families. We have made our concerns clear to the Libyan government, including through representations by the UK ambassador to Libya."