White House: Changes in Egypt 'not for us to determine'

The White House called for "orderly transition" to take place in Egypt on Monday, amid ongoing protests throughout that country.
White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said that Egypt must change "the way it looks and operates," but added that it is not for the United States to determine what the parameters of that change are. Asked whether US President Barack Obama would ever call for Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to resign or leave Egypt, Gibbs reiterated that "it is not for our government to determine, that is for the people of Egypt to determine." He added that "how that change is met or how it happens is not for us to determine."
Gibbs repeatedly called for "free and fair elections," but declined to specify what type of regime the United States would like to see in Egypt. Asked if the US would deal with the Muslim Brotherhood, he said that any increase in democratic representation has to include "a host of important non-secular actors." He said that the US Embassy has been in contact with Mohamed ElBaradei, but did not know if the US had spoken with the opposition figure in the past week.