Yacimovich to PM: Stop destruction of judicial system

Labor leader Shelly Yacimovich called upon Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Friday night, to stop the "savage legislation" against the Supreme Court and the destruction of the judicial system, "that are executed under your protection and knowledge."
"Netanyahu can no longer hide behind Likud MKs such as Ze'ev Elkin and Yariv Levin, who propose hallucinatory bills," Yacimovich said at the Dror Yisrael movement's remembrance tent at Rabin Square.
The Ministerial Committee on Legislation plans to discuss on Sunday a law put forward by these ministers, that would make judicial selection hearings public.
According to the bill, any judge appointed by the Supreme Court president would face a public hearing in the Knesset Law, Constitution and Justice Committee, which would have the right to disqualify the judge from serving in the High Court.
"I call upon the Ministerial Committee on Legislation to reject this law with disgust," said the Labor leader. "In the days of Menachem Begin this would never have happened," she added.
Lahav Harkov contributed to this report