Yacimovich: Whoever allows Olmert's return defiles gov't

Labor leader Shelly Yacimovich said Wednesday that anyone allowing former prime minister Ehud Olmert back into politics was contributing to "the destruction and defilement of the system."
Speaking at a Tel Aviv University Conference about electoral reform, Yacimovich stated that it was the people in government and not the system of government that was to blame for Israel's problems.
"With this system we built a country, went to war, made peace, carried out economic reforms - this system enables a wide range of activity for worthy and good leadership. The problem is not with governance, but rather with those governing," Yacimovich stated.
She then attacked Olmert, although she refused to mention him by name. "Intense discussion is now ongoing about the possible return [to politics] of a man who just now was convicted of a crime, who still is a defendant in another case and who's acquittal on several charges has been appealed. This is a man who, as prime minister, waged a wild campaign against the rule of law, the courts, the police, the State Attorney's Office and the state comptroller," the Labor leader charged.