Yishai: Extremism bad, but so is incitement against haredim

Interior Minister Eli Yishai on Sunday condemned violence perpetrated by ultra-Orthodox extremists, but said that he believes there is "wild incitement"  currently being directed against the entire haredi society.
"Everyone knows that we are talking about a small group within haredi society, but there is incitement against all of the haredim," Yishai stated in an Army Radio interview.
"Haredi women and children are being attacked and cursed away from the cameras," the interior minister contended. "I don't want my words being interpreted as support for wild and extremist behavior. The legal authorities must deal with this small, extremist group."
Yishai distanced himself from haredi demonstrators that invoked the Holocaust in describing the "oppression and "incitement" against them by pinning yellow stars to their chests in a Saturday night protest in Jerusalem. "I don't support the use of any symbol from the Holocaust in demonstrations," he stated.