Danya Cebus wins NIS 437.5m. in construction tenders

Danya Cebus will also build the structural skeleton of a logistical center at Ben-Gurion Airport for DHL for NIS 11.5m.

Africa-Israel subsidiary Danya Cebus Ltd. secured a total of eight tenders for construction projects - mostly residential - valued at NIS 437.5 million in total, the company said Tuesday. "We have seen that a recovery is taking place in the residential construction sector in Israel, and we are convinced that this will have a significant positive effect on the company and the extent of its activity in the near future," said Danya Cebus chairman and Africa-Israel CEO Pini Cohen. The seven residential projects include: Psagot Hahalacha Building One in Tel Aviv, comprising a 28-floor tower and an eight-floor tower with 119 apartments in total and underground parking, valued at NIS 140m.; Kfar Sava Hatze'ira, with 286 residential units distributed among 20 buildings, valued at NIS 105m.; a NIS 52m. project to build three buildings with 84 apartments in Tel Aviv; a NIS 50m. project to construct two 18-floor towers holding 64 apartments each in Hadera; "Grand House," a NIS 30m. project to build 56 single-family and duplex houses in Hadera; Neveh Gan in Herzliya, a NIS 25m. contract for the construction of two buildings with 23 units each; and Heftzibakfar, where Danya Cebus will build 58 residential units - houses, cottages, and garden-roof apartments - at an investment of NIS 24m. Danya Cebus will also build the structural skeleton of a logistical center at Ben-Gurion Airport for DHL for NIS 11.5m. Separately, the Central Bureau of Statistics said Tuesday the number of new residential units sold in June-October 2005 was 8 percent higher than in January-May 2005, in seasonally-adjusted terms. In October, 820 apartments built by the private sector were sold, including 670 that were still under construction and 150 that had been completed in August, September of October. Across Israel, sales of new apartments fell 4.4% in the January through October period, in comparison with the first 10 months of 2004. Sales of new housing units fell 13.4% in the Tel Aviv district; 10.7% in Judea and Samaria; 8.7% in Central Israel; and 5.2% in the North. New apartment sales in the Jerusalem area, however, rose 30.4% - including Bet Shemesh, where 420 new dwellings were sold in the first 10 months of 2005. In the Haifa area, sales of new housing units rose 11%. Trend data indicated that the rate of new apartments sold rose by 10% in February through October, in annual terms, the bureau said.