El-Al raises ticket fares by 6.5%

The move was made in response to the rising price of jet-fuel.

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el al flag logo 88
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El-Al, Israel's national carrier, announced Monday it would increase airline ticket prices by an average of 6.5 percent and raise the supplementary gas charge beginning May 1, because of higher jet-fuel prices. This is the fourth price increase announced by the company since January 2008 and the ninth since April 2007. Thus, while the previous update on surcharges ranged from $12 for short-range flights to $33 for long-distance destinations, this time it will amount to $15 for short-haul flights and $40 for long-haul destinations. The update on plane tickets prices will include most destinations the company flies to and from, excluding flights to certain countries such as Russia and Hungary. The ticket price update will go into effect on May 1st while the plane tickets that will be purchased by then will be sold for the old prices. El-Al raised its ticket prices on January 1st by the rate of 4%, on February 26th by 3.5%, and on March 24th by the rate of 8-9%.