Golden Pages: Spike in calls for air conditioning repair

21.7 percent of requests received during July and August were for air-conditioning service and repair companies, the company says.

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The Golden Pages business directory company has reported a significant increase in the number of calls made to air-conditioning companies and repairmen around the country this summer. People were so troubled by the heat that a whopping 21.7 percent of requests received by Golden Pages during July and August were for air-conditioning service and repair companies, the company said in a statement Monday. The air-conditioning market wasn't the only one to experience a mini-boom during the summer; just over a fifth of all calls Golden Pages received during July and August were requests for home renovators. Lee Thurston-Adany, Golden Pages' spokeswoman, said although Israelis have been cautious with their money following last year's economic dip, many are starting to feel an upturn in the market and are happy to spend cash on improving their homes. Although the financial crisis was felt severely around the world, "Israel was hit less hard, and now we see that Israel is one of the first countries to respond positively afterward," she told The Jerusalem Post. "There's suddenly been movement [in the market] this summer, which is very good considering that over previous months people were less willing to spend money around the home," Thurston-Adany said. "People were being careful to save money up until now, painting and fixing things around the home by themselves," she said, "but now people are being freer with their money, and we are seeing a big increase in the number of times these professionals are being called out." Israeli business has had a good couple of months, "and hopefully in September and October there will be even bigger increases in work in these fields as people move houses and change things for the holidays," Thurston-Adany said. "I know many people who want to do something to their house to give it a new feel, maybe buy a new couch, or give their living room a fresh lick of paint; it's something that feels good." Residents of the South and the North were mainly interested in air-conditioning professionals, while those living in the Dan region used the summer break to call plumbers, electricians and renovators to take care of problems around the house. The data, based on approximately 5,000 calls to Golden Pages, suggest that the four most sought-after professionals in the summer of 2009 were air-conditioning experts, renovators, electricians and plumbers. There was also a strong demand for locksmiths to install or replace locks, doors and shutters. Although these professionals were in greatest demand in the central Tel Aviv area, Israelis around the country took advantage of the summer vacation to have their locks changed. People in the central region, particularly those in the Sharon area, tended to call Golden Pages in need of gardeners and painters. In the North and South, more basic needs were addressed, with electricians and pest control professionals very much in demand. The data shows "the changing trend in the economy," Golden Pages CEO Yossi Nevo said, adding that the figures show the economy is making a swift recovery by exiting the recession in good time.