Halutz quitting Kamor for politics

Former IDF chief of general staff expected to raise money for his political campaign in New York and Chicago.

Former IDF chief of General Staff Dan Halutz announced this week that he is resigning as CEO of Kamor Motors Ltd. to take on new challenges.
Halutz, who became CEO of Kamor, the local importer of BMW cars, in October 2007, will leave at the end of September.
“After three years at Kamor, I feel the need to make space for new challenges,” Halutz said.
In recent months Halutz has said he would enter politics, but he has not said with which party. Halutz raised eyebrows when he attended a Kadima event last month and a speech by former prime minister Ehud Olmert a few months ago.
Although it has been speculated that Halutz would enter politics as early as October, sources close to him said he would wait until his legally binding three-year cooling-off period between army service and politics ends next January.
On a trip to the US, which is scheduled for next month, Halutz is expected to raise money for his political campaign in New York and Chicago.
Halutz informed State Comptroller Micha Lindenstraus last month that he had already raised NIS 400,000 for his campaign, mostly via a donation from Chicago businessman Jeffrey Silverman.
Due to a loophole in the law, Halutz’s fund-raising is unlimited before he officially announces that he has entered politics.
“For politics, you need money,” Halutz told Channel 2 last month. “I said months ago that I intended to enter public life and that the timing was unknown. I am acting properly. The path is long and this will require a marathon run.”