Israel not helpful in aiding unemployed

Israel places among the bottom ranks of approximately 30 Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) member or non-member countries in the organization's Active Labor Market Policies ratings, set to be published in full next Wednesday, the Bank of Israel reported. The Active Labor Market Policies ratings, a semi-annual publication, is meant to judge how effective OECD members or potential members are in helping unemployed people back to work. It measures a country's job placement services, unemployment benefits and labor market programs such as training and job creation. According to the OECD's rating system, Israel ranks in the bottom third of OECD countries in its Active Labor Market Policies, far behind world leader Denmark, which is closely trailed by Finland and Germany. Rounding out the top-five countries are Holland and Sweden. "In order for Israel to increase its ALMP rating the country needs to concentrate its efforts on focusing on specific populations, such as haredim and minorities, in getting them into the work force, as well as continue to organize professional training programs for citizens who can be productive members of the work force," the central bank said. The OECD's advocacy of active policies dates back to a 1964 Council recommendation that set out a broad agenda for investment in adaptation, human resource development, encouragement of geographical mobility, regional development, forecasting of future occupational requirements, intensified measures to help marginal groups into employment and the development of income security programs.