Jay Electronica joins fellow rappers in tweeting antisemitic tirade

Electronica's tweets come in the same week as both Nick Cannon and Wiley were dropped by their management companies for claiming blacks are the true Jews.

Jay Electronica (photo credit: THE COME UP SHOW / WIKIMEDIA COMMONS)
Jay Electronica
American rapper Jay Electronica has taken to Twitter to launch an antisemitic tirade in which he invoked both the Christian Bible and Islamic preacher Louis Farrakhan to claim that the Jews are not the true children of Israel.
"Revelation 2:9 Revelation 3:9" Electronica tweeted late on Saturday night to his 372,900 followers, in reference to passages in the Book of Revelation that refer to the Jews as the 'synagogue of Satan.' "ps, to my Christian family, do you know what the talmud says about Jesus and His Mother? also, what is a Goy?" the Muslim rapper added.
Electronica's tweets come a week after celebrity TV host and rapper Nick Cannon was dropped by ViacomCBS for making antisemitic statements in his Cannon's Class podcast during a discussion with hip hop personality Prof. Griff. Cannon agreed with Griff's views that Jews control the media, before going on to claim that black people are the "true Hebrews."
“It’s never hate speech. You can’t be antisemitic when we are the semitic people... When we are the same people who they want to be. That’s our birthright,” he said.
Fox allowed him to keep his job as host of the show “The Masked Singer” after he issued an official apology statement.
On Tuesday, Cannon released a new podcast in which he interviewed Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean and director of Global Social Action Agenda at the Simon Wiesenthal Center in New York, discussing his comments with the Rabbi.
"I feel there is such a connection and kindred spirit to the Jewish community … As someone who is studying theology and on a mission to receive a PhD in divinity, I connected with the Hebrew community," Cannon told Cooper during the wide-ranging discussion that ran to 100 minutes over two videos. "It's so deep."
The majority of Electronica's tweets came in response to that video, invoking Farrakhan and his organization the Nation of Islam to push back against Cannon's apology.
"Rabbi Abraham Cooper is a COWARD who LIED to our brother Nick Canon about the history of the caucasian race. Ask him does he stand behind the VILE TEACHINGS of the Talmud? Don’t be a coward next time Cooper you DEVIL," he wrote, adding in a follow-up tweet: "sit down w The Hon. Louis Farrakhan or The Exec Council of The NOI and defend your claims and prove us wrong. WE are INDEED THE TRUE Children of Israel. And you are an imposter and birthright stealer as described in the scriptures. The ADL, THE WEISENHALL [sic] CENTER... BRING EM OUT."
The rapper went on to tweet a link to a page on the Nation of Islam website accusing Jews of enslaving American blacks, and another to a YouTube video claiming that blacks are the true Israelites, adding the hashtag #SynagogueOfSatan. He also called on followers to read Farrakhan's 1991 book 'The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews,' a three volume work published by the Nation of Islam which asserts that Jews ran the Atlantic slave-trade, commenting "It is a MUST READ for these times."
This is not the first time the rapper has praised Farrakhan. On July 18 he tweeted a short clip of the Islamic preacher telling a large rally that blacks should not defend "the enemy," then pinned it to the top of his profile. On Saturday he tweeted the same video again as part of his onslaught shortly after tweeting Farrakhan's words in a text post.
Daniel Sugarman, Public Affairs Officer for the Board of Deputies of British Jews, who has recently become a father, caught the Tweets in real-time in the early hours of Sunday morning.
"I know most of you are asleep right now, but it appears that Jay Electronica has taken up the baton from Wiley," he tweeted, in reference to a British rapper, known as the "Godfather of Grime," who was dropped by his management company on Saturday for a similarly antisemitic tweets, in which he compared Jews to the Ku Klux Klan.
"Basically, once again... the Jews are tired," Sugarman concluded