Woman becomes pregnant when she was already pregnant

“My husband thought it was a joke,” she said.

 Baby with pacifier (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Baby with pacifier
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

A pregnant woman went for an ultrasound knowing she was expecting twins and then discovered that she became pregnant again 10 days later. Suddenly, three babies were growing inside her.

A woman who’s always on TikTok shared with her 1.7 million followers the surprise that awaited her in her last pregnancy. The mom said that on her first visit to the doctor, she was surprised to find that she had twins. On the second visit, she was shocked to find that a third fetus had been fertilized and was starting to develop.

Mom went for an ultrasound and while her husband was filming, the doctor informed her that she wasn’t expecting twins, but a trio. 

This wasn’t a triplet pregnancy, but a pregnancy with twins and another baby. The mom discovered that she became pregnant again 10 days after she first became pregnant, meaning she had twins in her womb and another fetus ten days smaller.

In different videos on her page @tamingtriplets, Charlotte shared her experience with her followers. 

In one video she said, “the doctor told us, ‘this is another fertilization. You got pregnant with twins first and then you got pregnant again with a third fetus.” 

My stomach became too big and the babies arrived three months too early. 

Charlotte said, “The next 65 days were especially difficult while they were in the incubator until they finally came home, which was the happiest day of my life.”

Another video shows the moment the doctor told her that she was expecting three. 

The doctor is heard casually saying: "You have three babies inside." 

Her husband, who is filming, is heard answering anxiously, “Are you serious?” 

The doctor moves the screen in his direction and shows him the three. He adds: “This isn’t an April 1 prank, is it? while his stunned wife repeats the words "Oh My God!”

A year has passed since that video and the couple, who had one daughter before this pregnancy are now parents to four daughters. 

In another video she clarified a few things: "How did we know it was two different pregnancies? First, you ovulate for 24 hours. Second, sperm can only exist in your body for three to four days. 

Our first two babies are 10-11 days bigger than our third baby, so we realized straight away that this was a second pregnancy.”

Viewers were stunned by the videos she shared. 

"The doctor announces this nonchalantly,” one person wrote in response. The mother replied, “He didn’t prepare us at all. He acted as if it was a normal thing.” 

Another viewer wrote, "I could hear your husband suffocating there.”

Another shared her horror story: "The last time I went with my son, 5, for an ultrasound, he screamed in horror when he saw two heads on the screen. He was sure I had a monster growing inside, but I explained: "There are twins."