Farts definitely smell worse in the shower, but it's not because of what you ate

Experts explain why the gas we release in the shower smells much worse than what we release during the day, and there are three reasons that are unrelated to what we ate.

 Shower (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Is it true that our farts smell much worse when we release them in the shower? Let’s face it: Each of us quite likes the smell of his or her own farts, so why when we fart in the shower is the smell unbearable? You wonder if it was because you ate something bad? So let us make it clear: The vile fart you smelled in the shower isn’t because of the spicy or spoiled food you ate. Experts claim that there are three reasons for the intensity of the smell, and they aren’t connected to what you ate but to the fact that it happens in the shower.

Julie Thompson, chief information officer at the Guts UK organization, says humans typically fart 14 to 23 times a day, though this can vary from 3 to 40 depending on diet. According to her, under normal circumstances "smelly farts are caused by chemicals produced from bacterial fermentation in the gut. Certain foods, such as garlic and onions, can produce stinky gas." However, smelly gas from stinky food is equally bad in and out of the shower, so why does "tolerable" gas smell worse in the shower? Hussein Abda, clinical director at Medicine Direct online pharmacy, spoke to the Daily Star about the issue and explained that our farts are simply more noticeable when released in the shower.

He explained: "There is no evidence that farts smell worse in the shower than anywhere else; however, environmental factors are the ones that make the smell much more noticeable. The first reason is that you’re naked. When you fart while dressed, some of the smell and gas are absorbed in your clothes. Conversely, when you’re naked in the shower, there is no such barrier. That means your nostrils will carry the full force of the fart.”

He adds: "The second reason is that the shower is an enclosed space, and the smell is especially noticeable if you have a shower surrounded by glass. This means your naked body doesn’t have a fabric barrier, and the smell will remain in a narrow space, making it much more noticeable."

The third reason has to do with our nostrils. Hussein explained: "In a hot shower the steam improves your sense of smell. It makes the nostrils much more sensitive to abnormal odors. This is why the smell of your shampoo and soap is strong in the shower, but less so when you come out. "Studies show that moisture can help people smell odors in smaller concentrations, which means that a stinky fart will smell twice as bad in a situation like this."

So here's the triple threat: nudity, closed space and sensitive nostrils. The reason your fart smells worse in the shower doesn't depend on what you ate but where you are. Now you know!