Iranian media reacts to Jerusalem attack, highlights 'martyrdom'

Iran’s Tasnim News reported celebrations in East Jerusalem, across the West Bank, Gaza and even in Yemen after the deadly attack in Jerusalem.

 Palestinians celebrate following Jerusalem's shooting attack, in Gaza City January 27, 2023. (photo credit: REUTERS/MOHAMMED SALEM)
Palestinians celebrate following Jerusalem's shooting attack, in Gaza City January 27, 2023.

Iran’s Tasnim News, which is considered close to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, portrayed the terror attack as a possible revenge for the clashes in Jenin in which nine Palestinians were killed in clashes between Palestinian gunmen and Israeli forces. Iran’s Fars News also reported about the attack but was more general in its discussion. 

Tasnim said the “operation” may be related to the clashes in Jenin. It adds that Israel is concerned about more incidents happening. The report says “so far, at least eight Zionists have been killed and five others have been injured. Some sources have announced the number of injured Zionists at 12…The latest news indicates that the person responsible for the big operation against the occupiers in the occupied Jerusalem has been martyred. This young fighter continued to shoot until the moment of his martyrdom.” 

The report went on to claim that there had been “resistance” in Hebron in the wake of the clashes in Jenin. “Palestinian sources reported shooting at the soldiers of the occupying regime at the entrance of Beit Ummar north of Hebron.”

It claimed also that Palestinians threw “explosive devices” towards a “Zionist military post” near Jenin. Jenin is in the northern West Bank and Hebron in the south.

Palestinian celebrations

The Iranian Tasnim report also discussed the “joy of the Palestinian people after the great resistance operation in the occupied Jerusalem.” It claimed that there were celebrations in Shuafat and Isawiya in Jerusalem and also in Gaza. Hamas also praised the attack, according to the report. “Tariq Ezzeddin, the spokesman of the [Palestinian] Islamic Jihad Movement, also pointed out: We congratulate this operation and emphasize that the enemy only understands the language of force.” Most of the recent clashes in Jenin have been between Israeli security forces and Islamic Jihad. 

 The logo of Iran's Tasnim News Agency. (credit: Wikimedia Commons) The logo of Iran's Tasnim News Agency. (credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Iran’s media also quoted the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine as congratulating the perpetrator of the attack in Jerusalem. Iran’s media said that the US response to the attack shows “Washington's continued support for the occupiers of the Palestinian land and commitment to their security.” 

There is apparently regional pro-Iranian celebrations in the wake of the terror attack. The Tasnim report claimed that the Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen also “congratulated the Palestinian resistance youth in occupied Jerusalem.” 

Al-Mayadeen media, which is considered pro-Iran and pro-Hezbollah, also celebrated the terror attack, with numerous stories on its home page several hours after the attack. It highlighted various statements by Palestinian groups supporting the attack. The website had been discussing what “confrontation strategy” was needed in Jenin against Netanyahu’s government.

The same report mentioned the Houthi’s statement backing attacks on Israel and “blessing” the attack. That report also said that mourning in Jenin for the clashes on Thursday, had turned into “celebrations” after news of the Friday night attack became known. The report also claimed Israel was “afraid” and had feared this kind of attack.