Why are Israeli concert tickets for int'l artists so expensive?

Fans anticipate Bruno Mars' concerts and a potential third show, excited for unforgettable live experiences.

 Grammy-winning musician Bruno Mars will be performing in Tel Aviv in October 2023. (photo credit: Live Nation)
Grammy-winning musician Bruno Mars will be performing in Tel Aviv in October 2023.
(photo credit: Live Nation)

Following the swift sell-out of tickets for Bruno Mars' highly anticipated performance at HaYarkon Park in October, the event's production team has announced the opening of an additional show to meet the overwhelming demand. The second show's tickets were also quickly snatched up, indicating the tremendous popularity of the international pop star among Israeli audiences.

In an exclusive interview with 103FM, Guy Besser, the founder and CEO of the Boston Group, which oversees the production, discussed the impressive response.

"HaYarkon Park can accommodate 26.5 thousand people," Besser explained, drawing a comparison to the recent successful Guns N' Roses concert. "It was a stunning sold-out show, lasting three hours and the atmosphere was simply incredible."

Besser further fueled speculation by hinting at the possibility of a third performance for Bruno Mars.

While no official confirmation has been provided, the prospect of another show has ignited excitement among fans who may have missed out on securing tickets.

 Christina Aguilera (credit: Live Nation)
Christina Aguilera (credit: Live Nation)

Christina Aguilera: An anticipated performance in Israel

The conversation with Besser also touched upon the much-anticipated debut performance in Israel of global pop icon Christina Aguilera. Besser revealed that ticket sales for Aguilera's show had experienced a remarkable surge.

"We opened ticket sales this morning and the response has been phenomenal," he said. "There is an option for a second show, although currently, we have only released tickets for one.

"This demonstrates that the Israeli audience actively supports live performances and makes wise choices when assessing risks. It's the reason we've chosen HaYarkon Park as the venue, as it aligns with the potential we believe exists. It's a smart risk management strategy."

Addressing criticism regarding ticket prices, Besser defended the production's pricing policy.

"When compared to other events, our ticket prices are similar or even lower. We have not increased prices since 2017," he clarified.

Besser highlighted the escalating production costs, which have risen by 135% due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, insurance expenses have surged and the park itself has raised its prices. Despite these challenges, the production team has strived to maintain reasonable ticket prices, taking into account the high costs associated with organizing such large-scale events.

Besser emphasized the unique nature of the Israeli insurance market, stating that "there is no local company capable of insuring events like this; such expertise is found only in Europe. Since the beginning, we have been committed to enhancing accessibility to shows and we have remained steadfast in that pursuit. 

"From 2017 onwards, our prices have not been changed. While we aim to generate profits, we are not philanthropists. Our efforts focus on bringing talented artists to our country, and this, in turn, creates a strong demand among audiences."

As the excitement continues to build for Bruno Mars' concerts and anticipation grows for the potential announcement of a third performance, music enthusiasts eagerly await the opportunity to witness these unforgettable live experiences.