Jerusalem Food Truck Festival (photo credit: NOA ABLIN)
Jerusalem Food Truck Festival
(photo credit: NOA ABLIN)

Jerusalem’s food truck fest: A gastronomic delight on wheels


From brisket nachos to onion-glazed challah, the sixth year of the Jerusalem Food Truck Festival kicked off earlier this month. 

Through August 28, from Tuesday to Thursday each week (6-11 p.m.), trucks will be lined up in Gei Ben Hinom Valley Park under the Cinematheque, outside the Old City. 

Each week, four different restaurants take center stage (along with live music), dispensing a different dining experience, with a multitude of food trucks catering to distinct palates. Wine and cocktails are available for toasting.

What is it like at the Jerusalem Food Truck Festival?

The festival takes place in an open-air venue, transforming the park into a vibrant tapestry of colors, aromas, and flavors. The air is filled with tantalizing scents – and the sounds of sizzling grills and lively conversations create an infectious energy that permeates the entire event.

“The festival is lively and wholesome, with great food. The atmosphere is very energetic and lighthearted, surrounded by music and laughter. It is a beautiful set-up full of friendly people and a great night out to spend with friends and family,” says Ruthie Feinberg, an attendee at the festival last Tuesday night.

Food trucks (illustrative) (credit: TOGETHER FOR THE SOLDIER)
Food trucks (illustrative) (credit: TOGETHER FOR THE SOLDIER)

Dishes range in size, with prices ranging from NIS 30 to NIS 50. 

The festival also caters to dietary restrictions, with gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options so that everyone can enjoy. 

With the wide range of kosher choices and its central location, the festival is not only a fun way to spend a night in Jerusalem, but it also unites a diverse array of people in one single place. 

“There are so many different people here. I usually never see such a diversity of Jews and really anyone from any other culture and religion in the same environment like this,” says Orly Stulbach, another attendee at the festival. 

Amid the festivities, the Kedma food truck captures the essence of the event. Servers at Kedma create an electrifying atmosphere – blasting music, banging pans, and inviting people to join in the celebration. The contagious energy draws a crowd of enthusiastic participants, dancing and ordering popular dishes like falafel, shwarma, and malawach.

Oriyan Matityho, a server at the Kedma food truck, sums up the Food Truck Festival: “The people of Jerusalem have deep hearts and souls. We hug and dance, and that’s why the festival is here, bringing all kinds of people who live in Jerusalem together.” ❖

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