This bride's unusual wedding menu set the internet on fire

Amidst the criticism, the bride defended her choices, highlighting the importance of individuality, self-acceptance, and staying true to one's values.

  (photo credit: Walla. Screenshot)
(photo credit: Walla. Screenshot)

The commencement of the local wedding season not only signals joyous celebrations but also prompts reflection on the monotony of mediocre event food that one may encounter throughout life.

While some wedding experiences have improved, often surpassing expectations, many still involve enduring long queues for lackluster buffets, culminating in an evening that frequently concludes at a nearby fast food establishment.

However, amidst the mundane, there are occasions that break free from tradition, capturing attention for both intriguing and controversial reasons.

One such event was the recent wedding of Sam Cutler, better known as The Fit Fatale on social media, a prominent fitness influencer with a massive following. Sam shared every detail of her special day, including the unconventional menu, leaving guests and onlookers astounded.

The preparations leading up to the wedding were relatively relaxed, featuring two green smoothies and a modest portion of vegetable salad, enjoyed mostly by her bridesmaids. For those who arrived early with an appetite, a plate of fresh sliced vegetables was available.

The light and healthy options available to the bridal party seemed understandable, given the need to eat food before an emotional day but also the desire to save an appetite for the main event. However, as the celebration progressed, things took an unexpected turn.

During the customary cocktail hour, attendees were treated to both an oyster bar and an avocado dish. As the guests arrived, however, the culinary journey intensified and took a strange turn.

The first course of the main dinner was a salad consisting of chopped vegetables wrapped in cucumber, exuding an air of luxury.

White bread (gluten-free, naturally) was offered to those daring enough to indulge in carbohydrates, accompanied by a palate cleanser— shaved ice with a hint of lemon juice—to keep everyone refreshed and alert.

A relatively standard serving of salmon with roasted potatoes and broccolini followed, although the dish lacked any accompanying sauce.

The relative normalcy quickly dissipated as a large box of stomach-soothing, anti-bloating tablets was distributed, ensuring that guests could continue to indulge with abandon.

No American wedding would be complete without cake. The couple went the extra mile, opting for a gluten-free and sugar-free chocolate cake. But for those seeking a touch more sweetness during the sugar-free evening, a dedicated candy table showcased chocolate bars from the Unreal company—all sugar free, naturally.

The final offering came in the form of a late-night taco stand, marking the conclusive end to the gastronomic adventure.

Cutler also shared her preferred alcoholic beverages, sealing the fate of her desperate guests. "I chose to serve only reduced-sugar rosé wine and Moët & Chandon champagne because those are the only two drinks I can consume and still feel good about myself afterward," she explained.

The wedding, and particularly the distinctive menu, ignited a whirlwind of reactions across social media—fast, furious, and often judgmental.

"Taco stand or not, I couldn't resist stopping at Taco Bell on my way home," confessed one commenter. Another expressed a desire to be a fly on the wall in the reception hall, eager to overhear any guest complaints.

@thefitfatale It wasnt just a #wedding day, it was a #weddingweek of so much love & #feelinggood - because taking care of myself while also celebrating is the way I am best present with those I love #healthyliving #healthybride #weddingevents ♬ hbo white lotus opening - ʚїɞ ryan ʚїɞ

While some drew parallels between the video and viral trends centered around calorie counting and strict diets, they criticized the excessive adherence to such practices even on one's wedding day. More vehement commentators questioned whether the bride herself struggled with an eating disorder, and others decried the commercialization of such joyous occasions, advocating for professional intervention.

"There are elements of healthy food here, undoubtedly beneficial for the body, but they provide little nourishment for the soul," explained an eating disorder expert. "While the presence of tablets on every table may have some merit, it's a sacrifice I would willingly fore go."

After amassing millions of views and an outpouring of mostly anonymous online criticism, Cutler responded with a video, denouncing the attack as bullying. "My husband and I take pride in our commitment to personal growth and strive to be the best versions of ourselves every day," she declared. "Our wedding day was about us, and I wouldn't change a thing."

The unconventional menu became the focal point of a heated online debate, with contrasting opinions reflecting society's diverse perspectives on food, celebrations, and body image.

Amidst the criticism, the bride defended her choices, highlighting the importance of individuality, self-acceptance, and staying true to one's values on a day meant for celebrating love and commitment.