Peruvian tribe claims it was attacked by seven-foot 'aliens'

The tribe says they’ve endured multiple attacks, one of which sent a 15-year-old girl to the hospital.

 An artistic rendition of an alien. (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
An artistic rendition of an alien.
(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Peruvian villagers of the Iquito tribe have said they’ve faced attacks by "aliens," according to an article from La Republica.

Local media reported that tribe members have begun nightly patrols in order to protect the vulnerable members of their community including women, children, and the elderly. Additionally, they’ve asked for assistance from Peruvian authorities, including the military, for assistance in protecting them.

Already, the villagers say, they’ve endured multiple attacks, including one on a fifteen-year-old girl. The attack reportedly sent the girl to the hospital with a neck wound.

Jairo Reátegui Dávila, the community’s leader, the girl managed to escape the attack but “'as a result of the struggle, [the alien] cut part of her neck.”

What the aliens look like

Community members have described the aliens, which they have taken to calling “Los Pelacaras,” or “The Face Peelers” as massive, 7-foot-tall beings. 

 A village in Peru. (credit: Wikimedia Commons)
A village in Peru. (credit: Wikimedia Commons)

La Republica reported that Dávila described the aliens saying, "Their shoes are round-shaped, which they use to float... Their heads are long, they wear a mask and their eyes are yellowish.”

They are also apparently impervious  to the villagers’ defenses. Dávila says the aliens are armored, and claims to have shot one to no avail. 

“I shot one of them twice and he wasn't injured, he rose and disappeared,” he said. Other community members have reported that they’ve witnessed the aliens wearing dark hoods and attacking their fellow community members.

The community, located in Alto Nanay, Peru, has requested assistance in dealing with this threat.

“We need support for our community. The children do not sleep and the mothers stay up all night,” Dávila said. “We're very frightened about what's happening here in our community.”

La Republica noted that some of the villagers have described the aliens as being like “pelacaras,” folklore creatures that feed on people’s faces, fat, and organs.

While police have inspected the site, it is unknown if they have discovered any evidence to verify what the villagers have claimed.