This woman was born in 1909 and is celebrating her 114th birthday

This week, Elizabeth Francis celebrated her 114th birthday with family by her side and shared some of the secrets to her longevity.

 Cakes for a happy birthday (Illustrative). (photo credit: Robert Anderson/Unsplash)
Cakes for a happy birthday (Illustrative).
(photo credit: Robert Anderson/Unsplash)

Born in 1909, this exceptional woman reached a momentous milestone as she celebrated her 114th birthday in the company of five generations of her cherished family. This comes as the global population of centenarians is on the rise, as indicated by the PWE Research Center.

Elizabeth Francis, a resilient 114-year-old, boasts a plethora of accolades: she claims the title of the oldest resident in her Texan homeland, is the second-oldest person in the United States, and ranks as the world's seventh-oldest living person, according to Ben Myers, a researcher from Florida's KTRK TV.

Beyond these remarkable titles, Francis staunchly rejects the notion of old age, affirming, that she is still very young. 

How was Elizabeth Francs able to live this long?

During an interview with a local media outlet, she graciously attributes her 114 years to divine grace.

Francis generously divulges the habits she attributes to her longevity. She says she abstained from alcohol and cigarettes while maintaining an unrestricted diet. In her interview, she elaborates on her dietary habits, highlighting her inclination towards homegrown vegetables and home-cooked meals, eschewing fast food. Her granddaughter, Harrison, warmly reminisces, that there was always something cooking in her kitchen and that these culinary rituals helped keep her young. 

Genetics undoubtedly plays a pivotal role in the narrative of this resilient 114-year-old. Her sister achieved the remarkable age of 106, earning them the distinction of the world's oldest siblings. Likewise, her legacy of longevity continues through her 94-year-old daughter, Dorothy Ray, and her 68-year-old granddaughter, Harrison.

Her lineage further extends to two grandchildren, five great-grandchildren, and four great-great-grandchildren.