YouTube's new tactics could put an end to your use of ad blockers

Google, the video giant, develops a creative idea to counter users with ad blockers, and it's more annoying than you'd believe.

  (photo credit: SHUTTERSTOCK)
(photo credit: SHUTTERSTOCK)

The struggle between YouTube and ad blockers persists, and it might leave you less than thrilled: As reported across media, the latest brainchild from the video giant involves an uncloseable pop-up window, equipped with a 30- to 60-second timer. This window informs users of their ad blocker usage, presenting a choice: Either disable the ad blocker or opt for a premium subscription.

Within a communication addressed to YouTube surfers, the platform states: "Are you employing an adblocker? YouTube backs content creators through ad displays. When you use an ad blocker, these ads remain hidden, effectively depriving creators of their earnings."

Back in May, a YouTube spokesperson confirmed to Bleeping Computer the launch of an initiative against adblockers: "We're presently conducting a limited-scale global experiment, encouraging viewers with active adblockers to permit ads on YouTube or give YouTube Premium a try," the spokesperson explained. "Identifying adblockers is not a novel endeavor, and various other publishers routinely request viewers to disable their ad blockers."

What can users do?

As indicated, participants in this experiment are presented with a dilemma: Deactivate their adblockers or opt for the premium service, which carries a monthly fee of around $12. Subscribers enjoy an ad-free video experience, the ability to play videos even after leaving the application (a boon for music enthusiasts and those consuming other content), and more.