Not just for young people: the solution to a problem that men of all ages suffer from

 Vertica (photo credit: TOMASZ SOLINSKI)
(photo credit: TOMASZ SOLINSKI)

Some degree of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a common phenomenon among many men, even though, naturally, those at an advanced age suffer from it more. The existing solutions have prevented many from being treated - until now. Introducing the Israeli medical development that will allow every man, of any age, to improve the quality of his erection.

Age takes its toll, as we all know, and a considerable number of us have already discovered that over the years we have more and more physiological difficulties of all sorts. Sometimes it's our muscles, sometimes our vision lets us down, but one of the most distressing issues of all, and probably the most embarrassing, is the issue of sexual dysfunction.

Why does this happen? What's the reason for the quality of our erection being damaged over the years? First, let's understand how the erection mechanism works: around the male organ there is a shell called "tunica albuginea," which is mostly composed of collagen fibers.

Vertica (Credit: Ran Hilel)
Vertica (Credit: Ran Hilel)

During sexual arousal, blood is pumped into the penis, and the collagen fibers stretch and "trap" the blood in the organ. With physiological maturation, the collagen fibers also age and lose their elasticity, and, as a result, fail to "trap" the blood in the organ and keep it there, affecting erection quality.

Many treatments - but not all of them are suitable

The best-known solution is the Viagra pill and pills that act similarly. Unfortunately, drug therapy is not suitable for everyone: those with underlying diseases can't take it. Furthermore, drug treatment only treats the symptoms themselves, and not the cause of the problem. Another significant disadvantage is that drugs often have side effects, and many men (especially those of advanced age), prefer to avoid them, and this type of treatment altogether.

There are other treatments, but most of them are invasive (such as penile injections and vacuum pumps). Here, too, many men prefer to avoid the treatment, as they fear it will damage their organ or will cause pain in a sensitive area. It is also possible to implant a prosthesis in the organ, but naturally, men of an advanced age are afraid of such a complex procedure.

The world belongs (not only) to young people

The new Israeli innovation, which has been registered as a patent and has so far shown high success rates in Israel and in other countries, is considered a breakthrough in the field. It is a device called Vertica, from the Israeli company Ohh-Med Medical, which enables a long-term restoration of the collagen fibers in the organ. The device works with RF technology (low-frequency radio waves) which heats the area and regenerates the fibers - and actually treats the problem from the root, unlike the previous solutions.

The innovative device is the next generation of treatment for ED. It has already received the approval of the Israeli Ministry of Health, as well as the strict European medical standard and is currently in the process of FDA approval. Vertica has received great interest from the global medical community, and is now distributed in several countries in Europe and Asia.

Vertica is suitable for populations that until now had to avoid treatment since its use is also allowed for those with underlying diseases (such as diabetes). It has no side effects, the treatment is non-invasive, and is performed at the patient's home at his own time.. These advantages are particularly significant for the older public, which is why it is very popular with them.

You don't have to - but if you want, there is someone to talk to

Another advantage is the ability to buy the device without a doctor's prescription, on the company's website and with complete discretion. However, Ohh-Med Medical is aware that some customers (especially older ones) prefer to buy it over the telephone instead of buying online, and therefore customers can order the device with the help of a service representative – who over the telephone will give a detailed guide on the device and how to use it. And in addition - the company announced a refund policy that allows the customer to decide to return it and receive a partial credit for the device.

The device can be bought discreetly, without the need for a doctor's prescription, directly on the company website,, and with the assistance of a service representative at 04-9036999.

This article was written in cooperation with Vertica