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Genomes of people in minority groups help better understand disease - study

The analysis Identified 400 million genetic variants, 97% of which were very rare with less than 1% of people having the variant.

Israeli company develops faster, more comprehensive tuberculosis test

While current tests take days to return results & determine antibiotic resistance very slowly, BATM's new test returns results and identifies the strain's resistance to antibiotics within 2 hours.

Mosquito protein could lead to groundbreaking virus treatments - study

The protein AEG12 is able to strongly inhibit flaviviruses, a family of viruses consisting of known highly contagious and potentially deadly diseases like Zika, West Nile, dengue and yellow fever.

COVID-19 deadlier, more severe than influenza - study

The study compared data taken from patients with the flu during the past five years and COVID-19 patients hospitalized in spring 2020.

Can Israeli innovation save the life of a 2-year-old Jew from New York?

Diagnosed with the rare neurological disorder of FOXG1 syndrome, the innovation at TAU's BLAVATNIK CENTER for Drug Discovery is Eli Reich's last hope.

Nancy Van Der Stracten, 75-year-old suffering from Parkinson's disease, poses during a boxing practi

Can constipation be the key to early diagnosis of Parkinson's disease?

The research team has discovered a potential way to diagnose the disease up to 20-years prior using what may seem an unusual method: investigating and understanding the process behind constipation.

THE HADASSAH-UNIVERSITY Medical Center campus is seen in Ein Kerem.

Promising stem-cell based drug for treatment of ALS receives patent

The therapeutic drug is safe for administration and helpful in slowing disease progression, as well as increasing life expectancy and the overall quality of life for ALS patients.


Biological antibiotic alternative works against tuberculosis - TAU study

Antibiotics have for the past century been doctors' main weapon in the battle against bacterial diseases, but many diseases are becoming resistant.


New study sheds light on the causes of cold sores, herpes flare-ups

Herpes simplex virus-1 (HSV-1) is one of the most common human pathogens in existence, present in approximately 40–90% of the population worldwide.

How pandemics in Jewish history shaped mourners' Kaddish

The original practice in Ashkenazi communities was that each mourners’ Kaddish in the prayer service is recited by one person only.

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