Smallpox plagued ancient Egypt when the Jews were enslaved there - study

The researchers hope these findings will settle a longstanding controversy and provide new insight into the history of one of humanity’s deadliest diseases.

bees on honeycomb illustrative

US greenlights first vaccine to save honeybees

The vaccine, conditionally licensed by the US Department of Agriculture, is designed to protect honeybees, one of the world's most vital species, from American Foulbrood disease.

  A woman suffers stomach pains or cramps (Illustrative)

This is the most common cause of a bloated stomach, and what to do about it

Lots of people live with irritable bowel syndrome, which has a number of symptoms in the digestive system such as diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, and yes, also bloating.


Effects of formerly incurable liver disease may be reversed with drug - study

A drug known as NoRA1 activates the Notch pathway that helps orchestrate fundamental biological processes. Children with Alagille causes a reduction in Notch signaling.

Fresh organic vegetable set of tomatoes dill and onion on white kitchen table

Feel cold and flu symptoms starting? You should eat these foods

There is not a lot that can be done to entirely prevent or eliminate the winter cold or flu, but there is one thing that can help.

By Walla!
Human brain

Brains could be trained to filter out noises, new study suggests

More research is needed to precisely map the connection between the inability to shut off certain neurons and hearing loss amid ambient sound.

Tel Aviv University establishes Multidisciplinary Center for Research of Autoimmune Diseases

Center enabled by a generous gift of $10 million from Judith and Stewart Colton.

Haiti receives first shipments of cholera vaccines: WHO

The Caribbean island nation has suffered from more than 230 deaths since the disease re-emerged this past fall.


How has multiple sclerosis affected Christina Applegate?

Multiple sclerosis is a disease usually diagnosed in young adults, and although it's possible to live a full, normal life with adaptations it's not a disease that's easy to handle.


Nitric oxide an effective treatment for babies with bronchiolitis - study

An Israeli team found that treatment with inhalations of nitric oxide (NO) is a safe and effective treatment for babies with bronchiolitis.

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