Israel relations in Congress aren't what they used to be - opinion

The 'squad''s attempt to block Iron Dome funding is a sign that things are changing for Israel among a group of far-left politicians in the US.

Ben & Jerry suffered an AOC moment - comment

When asked why they sell ice cream in Georgia and Texas, Ben & Jerry could not answer. AOC did the same a few years ago.


Sarah Silverman denounces 'the Squad' over Iron Dome position

"Do not defund the Iron Dome. My family lives there. It just seems to prove the point that I didn't think existed - people really only like Jews if they're suffering," said Sarah Silverman.


Is AOC's deplorable Iron Dome move a shift for the Democrats? - opinion

AOC’s amendment gives a reason for concern: Where is the Democratic party heading?

Shooting down Iron Dome funding is part of 'enduring' Durban

The Iron Dome anti-rocket system needs a civilian equivalent to intercept anti-Israel lies and libel, distortion and demonization.

Designer of AOC's 'Tax the Rich' Met Gala dress didn't pay taxes - report

Since 2015, Cultural Brokerage Agency, parent company of Aurora James's Brother Vellies brand, has had 15 warrants issued against it in New York.

Sarah Silverman wishes Ilhan Omar’s ‘Squad’ had a ‘progressive Jewess’

“You could run and join us,” Omar responded with a smiley face.

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