Easy homemade pizza dough recipe with just two ingredients

Here is a quick and effortless recipe for homemade pizza dough with just two ingredients to simplify your dinner routine.


In the kitchen with Henny: Foods of gratitude

Foods to make for Thanksgiving, or any other time.


Pascale's Kitchen: Colorful birthday treats

Happy birthday to all of the precious children, and may we all experience quiet days ahead.

Baking Battalion: The desserts fueling the IDF in its war with Hamas

The Baking Battalion, formed out of Hamal for Sweets, sees volunteers bake desserts at home and send them to IDF soldiers on the warfront.


Meet the 'Challah Prince:' Bringing light, love, carbs to the table

The complete guide to Idan Chabasov's challah making.


Pascale's Kitchen: Sweet comfort cakes for bitter times

Throughout my life, whenever I am struggling, the best way that I’ve found to get through hard times – which also helps my family members – is baking.

Pascale's Kitchen: Warm dishes to eat in the sukkah

This year, in honor of Sukkot, I’m bringing you four recipes that are super easy and simple to prepare, but will still impress your guests and taste delicious.

In the Kitchen with Henny: Festive theme nights

This year, why not come up with your own theme for Sukkot to help you celebrate the holiday with joy?


Pascale’s Kitchen: Honey for a sweet New Year

Today I’m sharing three tasty desserts that can be prepared in no time. They are all made with honey, which as we all know is traditionally eaten on Rosh Hashanah.

Pascale’s Kitchen: Stunning Rosh Hashanah confections

The first recipe is for a three-layer walnut cream cake. The second is for streusel profiteroles with apple cream. And the third is for a cinnamon and apple mascarpone pavlova. 

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